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Universal Electrical Services - Licensed Electrician in Arlington Heights, IL

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It has been over 20 years since Universal Electrical Services began offering the community expert local electricians in Arlington Heights. Our experts are standing by to provide efficient professional residential, commercial and industrial electrical services. Our team of electrical contractors in Arlington Heights can handle any issue, including the light fixture and appliance installations, wiring repair and fuse updates, and general maintenance to keep your electrical output at appropriate levels.

Our licensed electrician in Arlington Heights is always available for emergency electrical services. For a residential electrician at your home, a commercial electrician to keep your business running, or an industrial electrician in Arlington Heights to maintain plant and warehouse operations, Universal Electrical Services is here to help. You can rely on us for residential or commercial generators sales, installation, and maintenance as well, so you can always have power.

Universal Electrical Services is the best choice when you need an experienced certified electrician in Arlington Heights.

Why Choose Universal Electrical Services as Your Electrical Contractors Arlington Heights, IL

20 Years of Experience
in Electrical Services

Count on Universal Electrical Services in Arlington Heights to ensure any electrical issue you have is managed by over 20 years of experience from our local electricians.

Skilled & Experienced

It’s critical to know what you can expect when working with electrical issues. Our licensed electricians in Arlington Heights have the skills to handle anything because every job draws upon experiences of the past.

Electrical Services

At Universal Electrical Services in Arlington Heights, we are proud to deliver outstanding electrical knowledge with the customer service you expect. You will always find a caring and accommodating electrician.

Trust Universal Electrical Services with the Finest Quality of Service Offered By Our Expert Electrical Contractors Arlington Heights, IL

Residential Electrical Services Arlington Heights

Residential Electrical Services
Arlington Heights, IL

We are your local electrician in Arlington Heights, so we have licensed electrical contractors prepared to help in your home when you need it. We can handle all kinds of electrical services quickly as an emergency electrician in your area.
Commercial Electrical Services Arlington Heights

Commercial Electrical Services
Arlington Heights, IL

Whether you have a new business or you simply need your current business to operate effectively, Universal Electrical Services in Arlington Heights is ready for all your electrical matters. We can have one of our certified electricians there fast.

Industrial Electrical Services
Arlington Heights, IL

With our industrial electrical contractors in Arlington Heights, your systems are in good hands. From installations to repairs to motor controllers to new equipment wiring, and more, we have a highly specialized industrial electrician ready for any potential application.
Industrial Electrical Services Arlington Heights

Residential and Commercial Generators
Arlington Heights, IL

An electric generator could become your only source of power in your home or business when a major blackout happens. Universal Electrical Services has your factory certified technician ready to equip your property with a standby generator.
Residential and Commercial Generators Arlington Heights

Call Emergency Electrician Arlington Heights, IL

Our Work - Electrical Contractors in Arlington Heights, IL

What Clients are Saying about Universal Electrical Services’ Electrical Contractors & Licensed Electricians in Arlington Heights, IL 

FAQ To Electrical Contractors Arlington Heights, IL

Can I do my own electrical services in Arlington Heights?

With small items like changing a bulb, flipping a breaker, and even replacing an outlet, maybe if you have the right know-how. Call UES Electrician in Arlington Heights if you’re unsure.

How often should I have a licensed electrician in Arlington Heights inspect my system?

Getting an electrician to give your system a once over every 5 to 7 years is prudent.

Why do the electrical services controlling my lights make them blink sometimes?

Loose connections in the breaker box, meter box, or throughout your home, or the need for more branch circuits. 

How long do local electricians take to make repairs in Arlington Heights?

Most of the time, it can be fixed within a couple of hours, to as long as a day. 

Where is it safe to place my generator?

Never inside an enclosed space, unless you can make an external exhaust port. 

What To Consider While Choosing Electrical Contractors Arlington Heights, IL

License: It may be tempting to hire local electricians that offer low rates, but the most important factor to consider is their licensed workforce and liability insurance. Ask to see their license before settling with electrical contractors in Arlington Heights.

Reference: References help in decision making especially if this is your first time hiring residential electricians around Arlington Heights. Check the previous projects done by your prospective licensed electricians so you can have an idea of how they work.

Estimate: Before you begin with any project, you should have a concrete plan, which involves the estimates. This includes the cost and a reasonable timeline for the project. This allows commercial electricians to work at a proper pace.

Equipment: Certified electricians around Arlington Heights know the importance of proper equipment in successfully completing electrical services for residences and commercial properties. You should also have this knowledge when choosing industrial electricians or emergency electricians.

Expertise: Your chosen electricians must not only possess years of experience but great expertise at their job. At UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors, we offer exceptional electrical services in Arlington Heights. We can address all your concerns and keep your place safe.

Signs It May Be Time to Call your Electrician Arlington Heights, IL

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights may be caused by frayed wiring or exceeded wattage use. Our local electricians in Arlington Heights can perform a professional inspection for you.

Rust or Corrosion

This is a serious concern that requires immediate attention. Consult our licensed electrician around Arlington Heights for assistance.

Repeated Tripped Breakers

It is normal for fuses to blow occasionally, but when your lighting trips on a regular basis, you best contact a certified electrician in the area for professional work done.

Shock Value

Any shock, no matter how light, can be a cause of unsafe use. Contact us at UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors to schedule an appointment with our electrical contractors in the Arlington Heights area.

Old wiring

Wirings that have been installed for over 20 years ago are considered old and should be replaced as soon as possible. For trusted electrical services in Arlington Heights, give us a call.

Is Electrical Maintenance Important? - Electrical Contractors Arlington Heights, IL

Reduced Energy Costs: Outdated electrical systems consume more power to work. When you conduct regular electrical maintenance from certified electricians, you can prevent unnecessary high bills from repairs and replacement. 

Fire Safety: Electrical faults are the result of problems associated with the wiring. Tripping of breaker switches and having old sockets can cause electrical shocks when plugging appliances. If your electrical system is outdated, it can cause fire accidents. 

Protection of Appliances: Every piece of appliance that you have needs maintenance work. Devices that have not been switched on in a while need to be checked for any fault or short circuits. If not regularly maintained, it will cause you trouble or might stop working one day. 

Our reliable electrical contractors in Arlington Heights can help you with electrical maintenance. We offer electrical services, regular maintenance and generator installation. If you need an emergency electrician, call UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors to have everything fixed right away before they can get worse. 

What Makes Us Different - UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Arlington Heights, IL

Electrical measurements with multimeter tester. Electrical background

We are more than just a local electrical company because in our offer we have a wide range of electrical services in the Arlington Heights area. It is where residents have come to rely on our services each day. We have years of experience in providing the opportunity to see and work on all the electrical issues that you may have. Whether it is a commercial electrician or a residential electrician that you may need, we are the ones that you can trust. UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors have professional electricians that can assist you with your needs.

Trust our professional electrical contractors in Arlington Heights to provide you with a detailed professional approach in every project. What makes our company stand out from the rest is our professionalism and our knowledge when it comes to electrical services. Don't hesitate to give us a call today. We will be here for you! Count on us!

The Importance of ‘Grounding’ Electrical Currents - Licensed Electrician Arlington Heights, IL

A lot can be learned from the electrical field – just ask our electrical contractors in Arlington Heights over at Universal Electrical Services. One important lesson we strive to impart to our clients is properly grounding electrical currents to minimize accidents in any residential or commercial property. Electricity has many benefits to our daily lives, but we must remember to consume and apply it properly to reduce risks in our homes and workplace. 

An electrical circuit is composed of an active wire and a neutral wire. The active wire provides the power, which is carried back using the neutral wire. The grounding wire is attached to the outlets and other electrical devices while being connected to the ground securely. In the event of a short circuit, the ground wire provides a path for the current to flow, only causing minimal damage indoors like a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse.

Ways to Save Money When Hiring an Electrician Arlington Heights, IL

Book During Office Hours: When you spot an issue with your electrical systems, call your residential electrician in Arlington Heights immediately. Avoid emergency call-outs that cost more than regular electrical services.

Ask for a Fixed Price: Asking for a fixed price upfront can help you avoid being charged with hidden costs later on. Finalize the contract before getting started with the job so you and your certified electrician from Arlington Heights are on the same page.

Be Careful with Low Estimates: When a price is too good to be true, it probably is. Trusted local electricians in Arlington Heights are honest in charging for the services they offer. Dodge low estimates if they seem sketchy.

Secure the Warranty: One way to gauge an industrial electrician’s commitment to its services is through reasonable warranties. Also, discuss the tasks you can combine to save on labor costs. Call UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors!

Generator Installation Arlington Heights, IL - Benefits

Electric Generator During a Power Outage
When the power goes out for any reason, having an electric generator in Arlington Heights is a great advantage. There are situations when the power could be down for quite some time while it’s repaired. But if you have a generator, you have the power to prevent damage to your property or food spoilage.

Raise Property Value
A whole-home generator installation in Arlington Heights is a nice property upgrade. This is the kind of added perk that potential buyers will be impressed by should you decide to sell your home.

Prevent Property Damage
A standby generator in Arlington Heights will automatically provide power during an outage. You don’t have to be concerned about potential storms. Your electric generator will ensure your sump pump functions so your home does not flood, and your HVAC system will continue to operate so you don’t get mold growth.

Signs That You Need To Hire Electrical Contractors Arlington Heights, IL

Your space or office is the hub of your business’s activities. Regular maintenance and inspection are necessary to prevent potential electrical accidents and improve your safety. In addition, knowing the warning signs that indicate when your office needs repair can maximize your energy efficiency and lower electrical bills.

Flickering Lights
If you notice multiple lights are flickering, more likely the issue is with the energy hogs. Make sure to consult our electrical contractors in UES Commercial Electrician Arlington Heights for any electrical services.

Discolored, Warm, or Burnt Outlets
Is your company’s electrical outlet discolored or warm to touch? If so, you are probably due to a maintenance visit from an electrician. Burnt outlets can be a sign that you have an issue.

Tripping Of Circuit Breakers
If your circuit breakers happen frequently, make sure to have your system checked right away. Call our licensed electrician Arlington Heights now.

4 Reasons Why You Should Never DIY Electrical Work - UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Arlington Heights, IL

Fire Hazards
A common cause of house fires is badly handled electrical wiring. That’s why DIY electrical wiring is a danger if the wrong connections are made or wires are left exposed. This can be avoided by hiring an experienced electrician in Arlington Heights.   

Electrical Inspection
An electrical inspection on a project is the law so you can stay safe. DIY electrical is actually illegal, so you are required to bring in a licensed electrician in Arlington Heights.  

The Dangers of Electrocution
Without the knowledge of a certified electrician in Arlington Heights, Your DIY electrical plan could cause you harm. A small electric shock will hurt in the best-case scenario, and a high-voltage jolt can kill you.    

Hidden Electrical Dangers
There is always a risk in handling wires behind walls. You might not be aware of the run of the wires or where the junction boxes are. A residential or commercial electrician in Arlington Heights knows how to deal with unseen wires and the hidden dangers of working with them.

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