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For more than two decades, Universal Electrical Services has provided local electricians in Lake Zurich, offering expert residential, commercial and industrial electrical services. We have a team of experienced professional electrical contractors in Lake Zurich that are capable of caring for any issue. That includes installing light fixtures and appliances, wiring and fuse repair, and maintenance to be certain your electrical output is at expected levels.

We are always ready for you with licensed electricians in Lake Zurich that are available for any emergency electrical services. Whether you need a residential electrician, a commercial electrician for your business, or an industrial electrician in Lake Zurich for a large warehouse or plant electrical needs, Universal Electrical Services is available to you. We can also provide residential and commercial generators so that you always have a source of power.

Universal Electrical Services is the number 1 choice for highly experienced licensed electricians in Lake Zurich.

Why Choose Universal Electrical Services Lake Zurich, IL

20 Years of Experience
in Electrical Services

Universal Electrical Services has been handling any electrical issues in Lake Zurich for over twenty years. This gives us a leg up when developing creative solutions and troubleshooting difficult electrical issues.

Skilled and Experienced
Electrical Contractors

We have a team of skilled and experienced electrical contractors that can complete any electrical job or home project in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Electrical Services

Aside from reliable electrical solutions, our local electricians also provide quality and professional generator installation or replacement. We provide outstanding customer service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Services - Universal Electrical Services Lake Zurich, IL


Residential Electrical Services Lake Zurich, IL

At Universal Electrical Services, we have licensed electrical contractors from Lake Zurich to tend to your residential electrical needs. We provide all kinds of electrical services. Our emergency electricians are also ready whenever you need them.

Commercial Electrical Services Lake Zurich, IL

Whether you are running a current business or just starting up, we have trusted commercial electricians in the area to assist you with your electrical needs. Our certified electricians are just one call away.

Industrial Electrical Services Lake Zurich, IL

For any installation or repair for your industrial property, our industrial electricians have got you covered. From motor controllers to new equipment installation to other electrical services, we can take care of your applications in any size.

Residential and Commercial Generators Lake Zurich, IL

In times of major electrical blackouts, you can trust our local electricians in Lake Zurich to keep your generator running properly. We also provide a generator installation service, whether you need an electric generator, a standby generator, or commercial generators for your commercial or industrial property.

Call Emergency Electrician Lake Zurich, IL

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Our Clients Say – UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich, IL

UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich, IL - FAQ

Can I do any electrical work at my house?

Playing around with electrical matters should be left to the professionals. In Lake Zurich, residential electrical specialists know everything to keep your home and your family safe.

How often should I get electrical services in Lake Zurich? on Heights inspect my system?

The Lake Zurich electrical service team recommends an electrical inspection by a licensed electrician every five to seven years. An inspection can save you problems and disruption to your service down the line.

Will your electrician in Lake Zurich be able to solve my problem with blinking lights?

Blinking electrical lights could be an indication of loose wiring. Our Lake Zurich contractors will check for worn wiring caused by age or rodents. 

I’m going to call an electrician in Lake Zurich. How long do repairs take?

Most electrical repairs are doable in a short period of time. If paperwork needs to be filed it could take more time and patience. Your Lake Zurich contractor can tell you what to expect.  

I have a generator in Lake Zurich, where is the safest place to put it?

Never operate a generator inside your home or in a garage. Fumes could spark a fire or affect the air quality in your Lake Zurich home. 

What To Consider While Choosing Electrician Lake Zurich, IL

Licensed and Insured

When it comes to electrical services, it’s imperative to hire licensed and insured electricians. Getting a company without a license may put you into difficulties if there is a problem during or after the electrical services.

Reference and Recommendations

Before organizing the appointment, you must get a recommendation from friends, relatives, or colleagues who offered the best services. Ask the company to provide you references for their work. 

Ask for the estimate.

It’s necessary to ask the company to provide an estimate for your project. Getting a detailed estimate will give you an idea about your project’s cost, materials, and timeline. 

Comparing the price with other companies 

Before hiring a particular electrical contractor, it would be best to get a quotation from at least three different companies for better results and possible discounts. 

Electricians’ experience with commercial projects.

Your electrician’s experience is an essential factor. An electrician who has many commercial projects experience is considered a master electrician, and they play a crucial role in electric protection to the highest standards. 

UES Electrician and Electrical Contractors in Lake Zurich has licensed electricians whom you can trust. We have commercial electricians, residential electricians, and emergency electricians that offer electrical services to the highest standards. 

Is It Time to Call Electrician Lake Zurich, IL Yet?

Shock Value
When you get a warm, tingly feeling or shocks when plugging an outlet, it could be a sign that there is too much demand on the outlet or there is a problem in the circuit.

Old Wiring
If your electrical circuit is more than 20 years it could be complicated, outdated, and dangerous, you need an upgrade from the licensed electricians in Lake Zurich.

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breaker
If you are consuming power items on the same sources, you sometimes get trip circuit breakers. Try to limit the electrical usage and call your local electricians to have it checked.

Rust and Corrosion
Moisture around the breaker box is dangerous. If you notice rust or corrosion, call the certified electrician to determine the extent of damage and provide necessary repairs.

Flickering Lights
If you notice flocking lights, it could indicate faults in the outlet, wiring, or circuit. Our electrical contractors in UES Electrician & Electrical Contractor Lake Zurich can help you resolve issues with your home’s electrical circuit.

Importance of Electrical Maintenance
Electrical Services Lake Zurich, IL

Reduced Electricity Cost – Electrician Lake Zurich, IL

Outdated electrical systems consume more power to work. It’s essential to have regular maintenance to get advice from an electrician about your system and reduce electricity costs. 

Fire Safety – Local Electricians Lake Zurich, IL

Carrying our regular electrical maintenance from a licensed electrician can help you get ahead of any costly and dangerous situations. Electrical wiring is one of the most common sources of fire accidents. Through regular electric maintenance, you will be able to have your electrical system repaired right away before they begin to affect the rest of your household. 

Protection of Appliances – Licensed Electricians Lake Zurich, IL

Electrical maintenance can enhance all your appliances’ smooth running while creating a safe environment that will be free from all sorts of hazards. Every appliance needs to be checked regularly. Our electrical contractors in Lake Zurich can extend the lifespan of your appliances. 

Keep in mind that proper electrical maintenance requires professional planning, reporting, and skills. Call Universal Electrical Services Lake Zurich to schedule your regular maintenance and for your electrical services needs. 

Universal Electrical Services has been serving the people of Northbrook for many years. If you’re looking for commercial or residential electrical services, contact us today!

Why Is UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich, IL Different From Other Electrical Companies?

The man is repairing the switchboard voltage with automatic switches. Electrical background

UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors in Lake Zurich is more than simply an electric company to find local electricians. Our electrical contractors provide a complete range of electrical services Lake Zurich residents count on each day. We have many years of wide-reaching experience so we have seen it all and can handle any electrical issue through the incredible knowledge that each of our exceptional licensed electricians brings along. So for a skilled and practiced residential electrician or commercial electrician in Lake Zurich, call on UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors to assist.

When you reach out to us, you are counting on the highest level of skilled electrical contractors in Lake Zurich with unparalleled professionalism on every project. Our attention to detail is what allows UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors to rise above the rest in bringing you the electrical services in Lake Zurich for your home or business.

So when you require anything from a general light fixture installation to an emergency electrician in Lake Zurich, call UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors and we’ll be there for you quickly.

The Importance of ‘Grounding’ Electrical Currents - UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich, IL

Among the best discoveries in human history is the grounding of electrical currents. Electricity has been a part of people’s lives, so it is important to ask a licensed electrician in Lake Zurich to ground your electrical systems. Otherwise, you are taking a significant risk.

An electrical circuit includes an active wire that sends on electricity and a neutral wire that restores the current. A certified electrician joins an extra ‘grounding wire’ to electrical outlets, the breaker box underground, and other types of electrical equipment. When a short circuit occurs, the wire supplies an alternative path to return electrical current to the ground without causing danger. The ground wire will be the path for the current during a short circuit, causing a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. But if the current is not grounded, it could cause a potentially deadly shock. Contact our local electricians at UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors to ground your electrical systems today!

Finding Ways to Save Money When Hiring a Electrician Lake Zurich, IL

Schedule An Appointment During Business Hours:
As soon as you notice a problem with your electrical systems, contact your residential electrician Lake Zurich right once. Avoid having to call for an emergency electrician, which is more expensive than routine electrical services.

Ask for a Fixed Price: 
By requesting a fixed price up front, you can avoid getting surprised by additional charges later on. Finalize the contract before beginning the service to ensure that both you and the licensed electrician Lake Zurich are on the same page throughout the process.

Avoid Low Estimates at All Costs: 
If a price appears to be too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Trusted local electricians Lake Zurich are upfront and honest about the prices they charge for the services they provide. If low estimates appear shaky, avoid accepting them.

Warranty Security: 
One way to determine a company's commitment to its services is through the provision of adequate warranties. Also, talk about how you may group work together to save money on labor costs. Now is the time to contact UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich!

Advantages of Generator Installation Lake Zurich, IL

Electric Generator Beats a Power Failure
When your power drops for any reason, an electric generator in Lake Zurich can pick up the slack. There are circumstances when your power could be off for a while as it is repaired. But with a generator, you always have the power to prevent property damage and food spoilage.

Higher Property Value
A whole-home generator installation in Lake Zurich is an excellent property upgrade. This is the type of added benefit that potential homebuyers will appreciate when you decide to sell your home.

Stop Property Damage
A standby generator in Lake Zurich automatically provides power through an outage. You can feel better prepared for oncoming storms. Your electric generator will keep your sump pump going so you are not flooded out and your HVAC system will operate to prevent mold growth.

UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich, IL - Signs Your Facility Needs Repair

Keeping the maintenance up to date on your Lake Zurich home or commercial building is vital in the prevention of unwelcome surprises. This applies to, most importantly, your electrical services. Here are some signs to look for that may indicate an inspection of your current electrical service may be needed.

Flickering Lights – This could indicate a fault with your electrical wiring. A licensed electrical contractor in Lake Zurich can evaluate your existing wiring.

Discolored Outlets – The plastic becomes scorched when electricity arcs from the wires and hits the outlet or switch plate. Call in a certified electrician In Lake Zurich to check the safety of your outlets.

Tripping Circuit Breakers – This could mean your system is overloaded. A commercial or residential electrician can inspect the situation and correct it. UES Electrician Lake Zurich recommends a commercial standby generator to be on the safe side, especially in a commercial facility. We can help with the generator installation. For all your electrical needs, call UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich today.

UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Lake Zurich, IL - Why You Should Never DIY Electrical Work?

Fire Hazards
The primary cause of house fires is faulty electrical wiring. If you don’t know what you’re doing with electrical wires, you could end up with the wrong wiring or exposed wires, which can be very dangerous. An electrician in Lake Zurich is always the safe way instead of DIY.  

Electrical Inspection
According to the law, all electrical must be inspected to ensure its use is safe. That means DIY electrical is not legal, so a licensed electrician in Lake Zurich is necessary.  

Electrocution and Other Injuries
Without the expertise of a certified electrician in Lake Zurich, handling electrical work as a DIY project can pose a personal hazard. Even a minor jolt can cause serious, painful harm, and a major shock can cause death.

Unseen Electrical Hazards
Dealing with hidden wires and junction boxes behind walls can be dangerous. You don’t know where the wires lead. But electrical contractors in Lake Zurich are accustomed to working with hidden wires and the dangers involved.