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For over 20 years, Universal Electrical Services has been counted on as your local electricians in Barrington, offering expert residential, commercial and industrial electrical services. Barrington continues to rely on our team of experienced electrical contractors to handle any issue like installing light fixtures and appliances, repairing wiring and fuses, and maintenance to make certain your electrical is at capacity.

We are always prepared with licensed electricians in Barrington available for emergency electrical assistance. Whether you need a residential electrician, a commercial electrician, or an industrial electrician in Barrington, Universal Electrical Services is here for you by appointment or as your emergency electrician. We can also offer residential and commercial generators to ensure your electrical power is in your hands.

Universal Electrical Services is the leading company for certified electricians in Barrington and we are standing by to take your call.

Reasons To Choose Universal Electrical Services Barrington, IL

20 Years of Experience
in Electrical Services

For over twenty years, Universal Electrical Services is dedicated to providing the highest electrical services at the fairest price. We have highly skilled residential electricians and commercial electricians that will handle your electrical issue.

Skilled and Experienced
Electrical Contractors

We have a team of skilled and talented electrical contractors in Barrington with many years of relevant electrical experience completing projects of all sizes of clients.

Electrical Services

Our company has superior performance and high standards. Our electricians can complete your project with high quality. Using the latest tools and technology, we can make your residential and commercial place safe.

Services Offered By Our Electrical Contractors Barrington, IL


Residential Electrical Services Barrington, IL

For any residential electrical service, you can trust our electrical contractors to deliver. We have a great team of local electricians from Barrington that can achieve the quality you want. We also have emergency electricians on standby for any urgent home service.

Commercial Electrical Services Barrington, IL

Keep your business in a flourish with our commercial electrical services. With a crew of professional and licensed electricians, our company can take care of your commercial power needs and keep your property in great condition.

Industrial Electrical Services Barrington, IL

Leave it to our industrial electrical contractors to cover any installation or repair you may need. We can handle your motor controllers to new equipment installation, among others. Dealing with your applications would be a breeze for our expert industrial electricians.

Residential and Commercial Generators Barrington, IL

We at Universal Electrical Services can keep your generator in great condition, keeping power running in your residence or commercial property. We have certified technicians in our team that can do a clean generator installation upon request.

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FAQ To Licensed Electrician Barrington, IL

Is it safe to do my own electrical services in Barrington?

For many smaller tasks, it is. If you don’t call the licensed electricians at UES Electrician in Barrington for guidance.

I need my electrical services inspected. How often should I do that? 

Every 5 to 7 years is a safe window. Wires can corrode, regulations change, and knowing your wires are safe and up to code is wise.

My lights are blinking intermittently. Should I be an electrician?

Absolutely. You might have a loose wire from your meter box, or even your breaker box, and that can cause an electrical fire.

If I need a licensed electrician in Barrington to do repairs, how long will it take?

Most often, less than a day. If permits need to be filed, the duration can change dramatically.

Where can I put my generator that is safe?

Never in an enclosed space like the garage or in your home.

Check What To Consider When Hiring A Licensed Electrician Barrington, IL

There are several things to take into consideration when hiring an licensed electrician for your project. The first thing to do is talk to past clients of electrical contractors. Did they fulfill all his promises? Were they easy to work with and respectful of your thoughts and ideas?

All electrical contractors in Barrington are required by law to be licensed and have liability insurance. Do not hire an electrician without these credentials, as it could affect your insurance claim if you ever had an electrical fire. 

Whether you are hiring for a big commercial installation or just a few minor electrical services in your home, always get a written quote and an idea of the time the project will take. Get a couple of other estimates from electrical contractors, too, so you have a comparison.

There are always technological advances in the industry. Your guy should be up-to-date on what these are, and the same goes for his tools, equipment, and installation processes.

For larger commercial electrical services in Barrington, the electrical contractors  you choose should have a professional team of electricians that all work well together and have competent solutions for the challenges and difficulties a job may present.