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We are happy to have been serving the electrician needs of the citizens of Des Plaines for 20 years, and look forward to continuing this tradition as their go-to local electrician well into the future. Our reputation for being the most professional, diligent, and safe local electricians in Buffalo Grove gives us a great feeling of pride, and the knowledge that the people of this fair town trust us for their electrical needs only bolsters our desire to be the gold standard for electricians in the area. 

We are licensed and trained in every aspect of electrical work, and that includes emergency electrical services and generator installation in Des Plaines. And we do residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services, always putting the needs of our customers first, and always keeping an eye on the best safety protocols. 

At UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors in Des Plaines, we want to be your first call for your electrical needs.

UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Des Plaines, IL - Why Choose Us

20 Years of Experience in Electrical Services

With over 20 years of experience, UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors is the electrical service the residence of Des Plaines trust. Our local electrician is prompt and will fix any issue quickly.

Skilled and Experienced Electrical Contractors

UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors understands what to expect when working with electrical components. We draw on our experience to provide safe and efficient repair and installation services.

Top-Quality Electrical Services

If you need an electrician to deliver exceptional electrical services and expertise, UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors has what you need! Our team of expert electrical contractors makes customer service a priority.

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Residential Electrical Services

If you bring us in as your local electrician in Northbrook, you are going to get skilled, licensed electrical contractors that can handle any and all of your residential electrical needs. And that includes emergency services.

Commercial Electrical Services

For your commercial property, be it new or your current business, if you want to be sure your electrical system is in good shape, call us at UES Electrical Contractors. Our certified electricians in Des Plaines are her to help with speed and skill.

Industrial Electrical Services

Our highly skilled industrial electrical contractors in Des Plaines are ready and capable of handling the installation and repair of any industrial electrical interest. We can install any electrical components you need quickly and safely. 

Residential and Commercial Generators

If there is a sudden black out, do you have a generator that will work for the duration of the power outage? If not, then you definitely need the certified technician in Des Plaines at UES to install one to keep you safe.

Call Emergency Electrician Des Plaines, IL

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Electrical Services Des Plaines, IL - FAQ

Can I perform electrical work myself or should I hire an electrician in Des Plaines?

Some minor electrical tasks are completely safe to do on your own. However, unless you are a certified electrician in the Des Plaines area, you should call experts near you instead.

How often should electrical inspections be done by an electrician in Des Plaines?

Electrical inspection should be done every 5 to 7 years. For assistance, feel free to contact our residential electrician in Des Plaines.

I have flickering lights at home. Should I be worried and contact an electrician in Des Plaines?

Flickering lights are a sign that you may have serious electric wiring issues. Contact our electrical contractors in Des Plaines for professional electrical services.

Do electrical repairs by an electrician in Des Plaines take long to perform?

Most electrical repairs can be done within the same day. Call our residential electrician in Des Plaines for swift electrical services.

What is the safest area to use my generator?

Ideally, place your standby generator at least 20 feet away from your house.

What To Consider While Choosing Electrician Des Plaines, IL

Verified Licensed and Insurance

You have to ensure that the electrician you choose in Des Plaines has the appropriate license and insurance. Hiring someone that is not licensed is the same as opening yourself to risks for your property and money. 


It is essential to check for references. If you know someone who used the company’s service, ask them about their experience and work quality. These will give you ideas about an electrician’s performance. 

Ask for Estimate

Before proceeding to the actual project, you need to ask your local electrician to provide you an estimate. The estimate should be clear and detailed, including the project’s timeline, the costs, and materials to be used. 

Compare prices with other companies.

Ask two or more electrical companies to provide you with an estimate and compare their prices, materials, and timeline. In that way, you will know which company offers the best value for your project. 

Electrician’s experience with commercial projects

If you plan to hire a commercial electrician in Des Plaines, it is imperative to ask the company about their experience with commercial projects. 

Whether you need a commercial electrician, residential electrician, or emergency electricians in Des Plaines, do not hesitate to call UES Electrician and Electrical Contractors. We have licensed electricians for your different electrical services.

When It Is Time to Hire Electrician Des Plaines, IL

Flickering Lights
If you have flickering lights at home, it’s a sign that your circuit is overloaded. Many appliances draw large current, and you need the help of our electrical contractors in Des Plaines to switch to a better electricity line.

Old Wiring
If your electrical circuits are more than 20 years old, you have to have an electrical update to avoid putting your home at significant risk.

Rust or Corrosion
Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. If you notice rust and corrosion around your breaker box, it’s time to call the licensed electricians to recommend necessary repairs.

Shock Value
If you feel an electrical shock while plugging an appliance, it’s a faulty wiring sign, and you need a residential electrician to have the appliance and outlet checked.

Repeated Tripped Breakers
This means that your circuits are overloaded, and our certified electricians in UES Electrician & Electrical Contractor Des Plaines will help you get a proper solution and improvements.

Importance of Electrical Maintenance - UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Des Plaines, IL

Lower Energy Costs: An antiquated electrical system and inefficient appliances may require more power to function. This can drive your electricity bill up quickly and substantially. But with regular routine maintenance by licensed electrical contractors in Des Plaines, the electrical systems in your home can function more effectively.  

Fire Safety: Electrical issues and improper wiring can spark a home fire. This is a major concern for any home with outdated electrical systems, old fixtures, and wiring that is not up to code are the primary causes of these kinds of events. That’s why an annual inspection of your home’s electrical system by a certified electrician in Des Plaines will make sure that your power box, wirings, electrical lines, and outlets are in proper working order and up to the latest code specifications.

Protection of Appliances: Without regular electrical services in Des Plaines, you are leaving your appliances to break down before their time. All of your home appliances have manuals that outline the recommended maintenance required and the frequency that it needs for optimum performance.

UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Des Plaines, IL - Why We Are Different

UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors is an established electrical company. Our local electricians in Northbrook have been serving the community for years with a range of high-quality electrical services. Our years of experience let us experience fixing all kinds of electrical issues. This is how we gained the skills and knowledge we have today that helped our clients. Our lines are always available when you need a commercial electrician or residential electrician to help with your electrical issues at work or home.

Our certified electrician delivers satisfying work that sets us apart from the rest of the electrical companies available around the area in every project.

Call our electrical contractors to discuss your electrical needs, such as light installation, electrical repair, and more. Every licensed electrician in our company follows strict safety guidelines to ensure a satisfying service.