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UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Northbrook, IL - #1 Local Electricians

For 20 years, our skillful electricians at UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors have been the number one company people turn to for their local electrician needs in Northbrook. We have a grand tradition of excellence in all aspects of the electrical trade, because we not only put our customers first, but we also approach every job with the highest standards of professionalism, skill, and attention to safety. We strive to be the best, because as local electricians, the people of Northbrook deserve the best.

We are fully licensed and highly-skilled in electrical work for homes, businesses, and even industrial interests. We handle emergency situations with expert emergency electrical services and generator installation, keeping the people calm and focused on helping each other through tough times.  And our safety protocols are second-to-none. 

If you need a licensed electrician, look no further than UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors. We are the local electricians Northbrook counts on.

Why Choose UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Northbrook, IL

20 Years of Experience in Electrical Services

As Northbrook's choice in local electricians, UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors can handle any electrical issue you might have. With 20 years of experience in the business, you can rely on us!

Skilled and Experienced Electrical Contractors

Our licensed electrician ensures that they understand all the electrical components of an issue before proceeding to fix it. They draw upon their experience to prevent hazards and get the job done.

Top-Quality Electrical Services

Every electrician at UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors takes pride in delivering high-quality service, customer service, and expertise on every job. They understand that your needs should be met in the most caring way possible.

High-Quality Services Offered By Universal Electrical Services Northbrook, IL


Residential Electrical Services

When you hire us as your local electrician in Northbrook, you are signing up for the best electrical contractors in the area that are not only highly skilled in the best safety practices, but also licensed. 

Commercial Electrical Services

If you are starting a new commercial interest, or just need peace of mind that your current business’s electrical system is in good condition, we can help. Our certified electricians in Northbrook are quick and efficient.

Industrial Electrical Services

If you need an industrial contractor in Northbrook, we can handle the heavy duty work necessary for your facility. We do careful installations of new equipment, as well as repair of current electrical items. No job is too big or too small for UES Electrical Contractors. 

Residential and Commercial Generators

In the desperate times of an electrical black out, an electrical generator in Northbrook can be your only salvation. UES employs a top-notch, certified technician that can install a new one, or maintain your current generator.

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FAQ - Electrical Services Northbrook, IL

Can I DIY electrical work or is it better to hire an electrician in Northbrook?

You can perform minor electrical work like changing the lightbulb or fixing a breaker. For major electrical work, contact your trusted licensed electrician near you in Northbrook.

When should I contact local electricians in Northbrook for an inspection?

At UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors, we perform electrical inspections every 5 to 7 years to ensure no loose panels or wiring anywhere in your home.

Are blinking lights safe? Should I call an electrician in Northbrook?

Blinking or flickering lights should never be ignored. This may be due to loose connections that may cause hazards. Contact us at UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors immediately.

How long does it take to fix electrical issues by an electrician in Northbrook?

It takes a minimum of one day to perform an electrical repair. Bigger damages take longer. For professional services, contact UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors in Northbrook.

Where should I place my generator?

Place your electric generator outside your house, and never in the garage.

What To Consider While Choosing Electrical Services Northbrook, IL

Licensed Electrician

The cheapest company doesn’t mean the best company. It is important to hire a licensed electrician in Northbrook. This is to ensure a safe electrical system that corresponds to the standard for electrical installation work. 

Reference or Reviews

Ask for a reference or read reviews. You can also ask your friends or someone you know that used their services before to get ideas about the electric company’s expertise and competencies. 

Ask for the Estimate

A reliable electrical company always provides detailed estimates. This includes the cost and timeline of their work. 

Value For Money

It’s best to have at least three quotes from different electrical companies in Northbrook to compare its price and materials. 

Qualifications and Experience

Not all electricians in Northbrook are the same. Others have extra qualifications and experience. Choose an electrician that has a lot of experience, especially with commercial projects. This ensures that you’ll receive the highest standard of workmanship and electrical safety. 

If you are looking for reliable electrical contractors in Northbrook, call UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors. Our professional electricians provide high-quality electrical services. Whether you need a residential electrician, commercial electricians, or emergency electricians, do not hesitate to call us. 

Is It Time to Hire Electrician Northbrook, IL Yet?

Rust and Corrosion
If you notice tp have rust or moisture under your home’s main service panel, you need to call your emergency electrician. Deterioration at the panel means moisture in the main wiring within and can cause problems through your electrical system.

Flickering Lights
This could indicate frayed wiring, or you are using too much wattage and exceeds your outlet’s capabilities.

Old Wiring
If your wiring is more than 20 years, you need an upgrade from electrical contractors to ensure your home’s safety and avoid further problems.

Electrical Shocks
When you experience electrical shocks, it could mean that there is an underlying issue in your appliance or wiring.

Repeated Tripped Circuits
If you need to force reset your circuit breakers constantly, then it is a sign that your circuits are overloaded. Our licensed technicians in UES Electrician & Electrical Contractor can help you assess the load on your circuits.

Is Electrical Maintenance Important? - Electrician Northbrook, IL

Reduced Electricity Cost – Electrician Northbrook

Maintaining the appliances powered by electricity should be done regularly to reduce electricity costs and anticipate any threats to your home’s safety. Regular electric maintenance from your local electrician can prevent unnecessary high bills from outdated electrical systems. 

Fire Safety – Licensed Electrician Northbrook

The best way to avoid fire accidents is to conduct regular maintenance. Our licensed electrician in Northbrook will spot even the most minor problem developing in your electrical system and repair it before it becomes a problematic issue during routine maintenance. 

Protection of Appliances – Electrical Services Northbrook

You depend on your electrical system and electrical appliances every day. Each of the appliances needs maintenance work and needs to be checked regularly for any fault or short circuits. Our electrical contractors in Northbrook will check your appliances to keep your appliances and system functioning correctly.

Universal Electrical Services has been serving the people of Northbrook for many years. If you’re looking for commercial or residential electrical services, contact us today!

Why We Are Different - UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Northbrook, IL

UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors is an exceptional electrical company. Together with our expert local electricians, we provide an array of electrical services in Northbrook that the community relies on for many years. The years behind us have allowed us to experience working on all kinds of electrical problems. For this reason, we have grown our knowledge and skills along with the quality of our customer service. So, ask us if you need a residential electrician or commercial electrician to help you with any issue in your home or business establishment’s electrical system.

Our certified electrician is ready to deliver professional workmanship to every project. Because of the quality of our work, we set ourselves apart from other electrical companies in the area.

We have reliable electrical contractors to help you with anything from simple light installation to complex repair. Call us today!

The Importance of ‘Grounding’ Electrical Currents - UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Northbrook, IL

Throughout the years, humans have made some truly remarkable discoveries in the electrical field. One of the most important lessons that electricians have learned is the importance of grounding electrical currents. Electricity has plenty of benefits to people but remains one of the deadliest elements available today. If you have grounded your electric systems, you’re good but you may be taking a risk when not doing so.

Active wires supply the power, and a neutral wire carries the current back. An additional ‘grounding wire’ can be attached to outlets and other electrical devices that you may have. Our certified electrician in Northbrook will ensure it is securely connected to the ground at the breaker box for safety. The grounding wire will be an additional path for electrical current to return safely to the ground without risking anyone in the event of a short circuit. Trust our electrical contractors in Northbrook to provide you the service you need!

Affording a Electrician Northbrook, IL Services While Saving Money

The Best Time To Make An Appointment:
Contact your local electricians Northbrook as soon as you find anything amiss with your electrical equipment. Stay away from having to use pricey, last-minute emergency electricity services.

Negotiate on the price:
Preferably, seek a fixed price up ahead so that there are no unpleasant surprises. Prior to starting the work, make sure the contract is signed by both parties to ensure that you and the skilled electrician Northbrook remain on the same page.

Don't Be Fooled by Cheap Estimates:
Generally speaking, if a price seems too good to be true, then it is. Electrician Northbrook who can be trusted with your home or business will be up front and honest with you about the costs of the services they perform. Avoid taking low estimations that appear flimsy.

Protection under a Limited Warranty:
The supply of proper warranties can help establish a company's dedication to its products and services. Also, discuss how you and your coworkers may cut labor costs by working in groups. UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Northbrook is here to help you right now!