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Universal Electrical Services – Licensed Electrician Schaumburg, IL

Universal Electrical Services has been in the industry for more than 20 years. We offer premium, affordable, and reliable electrical services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We have a team of professional electrical contractors in Schaumburg that are ready to take on any work you need. For clients’ peace of mind, we hire only licensed electricians from the area to ensure quality and safety in every work we perform. Our services include light, fixture, and appliance installations, wiring repair, fuse updates, and general maintenance. 

Our licensed and certified electricians in Schaumburg are always available for emergency electrical services. We can take care of your residential electricity, commercial power, and maintenance of your plant and warehouse operations for your industrial electrical needs. Our expert electricians do everything from repair to maintenance. At Universal Electrical Services, you can rely on our team of licensed electricians to keep your power running for a comfortable home and a successful business in Schaumburg.

Why Choose UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Schaumburg, IL

20 Years of Experience in Electrical Services

For over 20 years, our local electricians at UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors have been providing excellent electrical services in the Schaumburg area. We have expertise in the industry that is hard to beat.

Skilled and Experienced Electrical Contractors

Professional, dedicated, and efficient - those are just some qualities you would find in our electrical contractors in the area. UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors do things with excellence for your safety and satisfaction.

Top-Quality Electrical Services

UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors in Schaumburg takes pride in performing premium electrical services to attain the best level of customer care possible. Our professional and friendly staff can help you anytime.

Services Offered By UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Schaumburg, IL

Residential Electrical Services

Residential Electrical Services Schaumburg, IL

As the top local electricians in Schaumburg, we are highly-skilled, fully licensed, and ready to assist with your home electrical needs. We can handle every aspect of whatever electrical services you require and do it safely.

Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Services Schaumburg, IL

UES Electrician in Schaumburg doesn’t only handle residential work, but also does commercial electrical services. Our electrical contractors are happy to assist you with the electrical needs of your business, and we will get the job done efficiently.

Industrial Electrical Services Schaumburg, IL

Our industrial electrical services in Schaumburg can deal with installation and repairs of either new electrical wiring and power, or replacing and fixing old electrical components which might be out of date and not up to code.
Industrial Electrical Services

Residential and Commercial Generators Schaumburg, IL

When an emergency situation strikes, knowing you have a backup plan is the best way to restore peace of mind to your home. Our licensed electrician installs generators capable of powering a home, or a business, and our electric generator installation in Schaumburg is done with care and consideration.
Residential and Commercial Generators

Call Emergency Electrician Schaumburg, IL (847) 668 – 2385

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FAQ - UES Electrician & Electrical Contractors Schaumburg, IL

Is it safe if I do my electrical work in Schaumburg by myself?

Do you know if you do your own electrical work, it could impact your home’s insurance? Changing a light bulb or a fuse are manageable for a homeowner. Anything after that, call in a certified electrician in Schaumburg who is licensed and experienced.

How often should I call an electrical in Schaumburg for inspection?

Depending on your Schaumburg home or building’s age, an electrical inspection is recommended every five to seven years. As your family needs grow, make sure your electrical load capacity increases too.

What’s a reason for blinking lights at my house?

Blinking lights can indicate a serious problem with your electrical wiring, possibly causing a future fire. Schaumburg’s certified electricians are on hand to help by adding more branch circuits and checking for loose, worn wiring.  

How long do electrical services and repairs in Schaumburg take?

That all depends on the problem and the extent of repair that is needed. A licensed electrical technician from Schaumburg can give you an estimation of the time needed.

Where is the best place to use a generator in Schaumburg?

Definitely not in your Schaumburg house or garage. Generators need to be out in the open due to the dangerous fumes they emit.  

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