Disregarding electrical problems just because it rarely occurs can be a major hazard in your homes. It is better to hire expert electricians to check on your lines when you see these situations: 

Constant Light Flickering Occurrences

It’s normal for light to flicker or dim, but dealing with this problem regularly can signal that electrical components might be faulty. You can try to self-diagnose the problem by changing the light fixtures, but if the same issue happens, it is better to call licensed electricians. 

Breaker Trips When Using High-Wattage Devices

Breakers are an important component of your home to handle high-wattage appliances. Some breaker models in old buildings can be outdated, causing the breaker to trip when using modern devices (microwave and the likes). It is safer to hire electrical contractors to install subpanels or replace breakers with newer models. 

Hot Temperatures When Devices are Plugged In

Devices or outlets can get warm when used, which can signify faulty wiring and other electrical issues. If this is you now, call a local electrician to check the outlets to avoid serious hazards like fire. 

Power banks and extension cords overload

Some homes may not have enough outlets for the number of devices or users inside, and a quick solution is to add power bars and extension cords. This is a simple fix but can come with risks if not used carefully. Adding outlets is far more efficient than using multiple extension wires and power storage, which can be done perfectly by a certified electrician.