Look for the Energy Star Label
Before purchasing a new home appliance, make sure to check its Energy Star rating. This is particularly crucial if you plan on replacing energy-intensive devices, such as freezers or air conditioners. If you want to optimize your long-term savings, it is recommended that you choose an appliance with the best energy efficiency rating that you can reasonably afford.

Set up Dimmers
In homes where natural light is scarce, artificial lighting is frequently necessary. This may potentially increase annual electricity costs by hundreds of dollars. Having dimmer switches professionally installed by licensed electricians is the greatest solution to this issue. In addition to regulating the amount of power your light bulbs use, this feature also lets you adjust the brightness of the illumination to suit your current demands.

The Timer Function
Timer capabilities are standard on many modern air conditioners. Make this work for you. Just before you’re scheduled to wake up, set the timer to turn off the device. Even after switching off your air conditioner, the room temperature should remain comfortable for many more hours. You may not think one hour is a big deal, but it can quickly pile up. Saving money on your electricity bill might amount to hundreds of dollars over time according to certified electricians Arlington Heights.

To Clean, Use Cold Water
The energy needs of a washing machine are well-documented to be high. When you need to wash more than one full load at a time, this might be an issue. If you wash your clothing in cold water instead of hot, you may save money by reducing the strain on your water heater. Keep in mind that not everything can be washed in cold water.